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About us

Public Association “IRODA” (Parents of children with autism initiatives)

The initiative of parents of children with autism is an organization founded by parents of children with autism, who, studying international experience, in collaboration with government departments, are introducing modern approaches to identifying, diagnosing autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other neurodevelopmenatal disorders   and therapy\rehabilitation and education programs for children and adults with ASD and NDD.

Our vision: Children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders, like ALL children, deserve respect and recognition of personal dignity. They deserve the right to education and full inclusion in various spheres of life, (access to early diagnosis, early support and education) while retaining the right to respect the features that accompany autism. We recognize that the family is above all else and that parents are the main teachers for their children and have the right to respect and understanding of the needs of their child from the state and society as a whole.

Our Mission: Raising Public Awareness on neurodevelopment disorders and ASD.  Protecting the rights of children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Spreading the information about the difficulties and needs that accompany an individual with autism. Achieving a humane and respective attitude of society towards our children. Creation of the platform for the full life of our children and recognition of their rights and achievement of  their full potential and improving the quality of life of children and adults with autism and other disabilities.

Our values:

  • IRODA was founded by parents, and continues to be an organization run by parents in partnership with professionals who recognize the needs and requirements of children and adolescents with autism and other disabilities.
  • IRODA appreciates the involvement of families in all aspects of the organization. This is the key to ensuring sustainability, long-term durability and operational efficiency. One of the organization’s priorities is to actively educate parents on the theoretical and practical principles of working with children with autism, advocacy, the principles of inclusion and legal aspects related to protecting the rights and interests of children and adults with autism, while ensuring access to education and social inclusion.
  • IRODA recognizes the right of children and adolescents with autism to live and develop in the family, therefore, proclaims community-based rehabilitation and inclusive education, recognizes that institutionalizing children and adults with special needs is not a legitimate action and does not comply with the principles that are based on Human Rights.

Our approaches:

IRODA’s overall purpose is to see people with autism well supported and included within local communities.

  • To promote and implement the knowledge and practices of modern high-quality scientifically evidence –based therapy and education programs for children and adults with autism, the effectiveness of which has been proven
  • Ensure the implementation of international standards and approaches for the early detection and diagnosis of autism, lobbying at the state level, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.
  • To ensure the dissemination and implementation of modern approaches to the rehabilitation and education of children with autism, adhering to an eclectic approach, rather than promoting a single method.
  • Lobby for the inclusion of autism in the state register of disabling disorders to recognize autism as a separate condition, based on ICD-11 and DSIM-6, in order to ensure reliable statistics on autism in the country through public events involving government agencies and the media.
  • Introduce modern teaching methods for children with autism in the professional community, by involving specialists in the field of healthcare, education and social work at the level of professional communities and higher educational institutions.

• Provide education for families raising children and adolescents with autism, based on evidence-based international practice in the field of education for children with autism, encouraging the inclusive inclusion of young children in the system of general preschool and school education.

Still have questions?

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